Seminar Program FAQ's

1. What is the seminar refund policy? Refund of your registration fee will be made in full
if we receive notice of cancellation no less than 72 hours prior to the date of the seminar.
Cancellation notice given less than 72 hours prior to the date of the seminar will result in
Technology 4 Attorneys, LLC exercising the option, in its sole discretion, to either retain
the registration fee allowing the registrant a credit on the seminar fee for future seminars
to be held within the next year in said state, or alternatively, give registrant a full, partial,
or no refund depending upon the costs and/or loss that we incur due in whole or in part
to the last minute cancellation notice given by registrant. We are required to make a firm
attendance guarantee to the hotels at least 72 hours prior to the date of the seminar.

2. What is your policy on obtaining CLE approval prior to the seminars? Our firm
policy is to obtain CLE approval from the state bar or other approving entity prior to
the dates of any seminars. We do not ever want to assume that approval will be later
forthcoming because some lawyers are relying upon our representations as to CLE
credit to complete CLE requirements literally days before their reporting deadline.
The only exception to this policy to date is Arizona which does not advance approve
CLE courses but relies upon their individual lawyers to assess the program for the
purposes of whether there is compliance with their state's CLE requirements.

3. How difficult or complex are the technology issues presented in your seminars?
Our approach is to present these seminars in clear and understandable language to
avoid complicating the issues and to limit the use of computer oriented language
terminology and acronyms as much as possible. We want to discuss issues in a
clear manner, not confuse people. Our overall presentation is geared towards a
good, basic overview of the technology issues and concepts that confront lawyers
in their everyday law practice. Our belief is that adoption and implementation of
many of these ideas can have a substantial impact on a firm's productivity and
bottom line. Paralegals and staff can also learn much from these seminar programs.

4. What are some of the technology topics that you intend to present in future seminars?
We currently have 13 seminar programs that list by topic all of the technology issues on
the agendas in our "Current Seminar Agenda" link on our main web page. The topics include
multiple issues pertaining to metadata, smartphone discovery, pdf concerns, malpractice,
social media, electronic evidence, admissibility, authentication, spoilation, destruction, and
recovery of deleted or destroyed electronic records, including e-mails.